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  • Aug
    Hexagonal Wire Netting

    Hexagonal Wire Netting
    is made of low carbon Iron Wire, the mesh is firm in structure and has
    flat surface. Hexagonal wire netting is made of twisting carbon steel
    wire, electron or hot dipped galvanized, then plastic coated, or plain. Processing Types available include: • straight twist hexagona

  • Aug
    Aluminum template

    Residential construction, display Settings, and so on all need the
    aluminum template, because of its advantage is very obvious and other
    building materials than the first. Aluminum formwork construction period
    is short, aluminum alloy mould building template system for quick
    release system, a se

  • Aug
    Tools of Safety-Palisade Fence

    For the telecommunications industry, Department of police and law
    enforcement authorities the security level coefficient is higher, fence
    is essential.AnPing Shengxin metal products Co., Ltd. the fence can meet the requirements of the fence on a high level of safety coefficient. AnPing Shengxin me

  • Aug
    ANping shengxin metal company’s product- Arch Panel

    Anping County Shengxin Metal Products Co., Ltd,
    located in Anping County, Hebei Province. At the south of Beijing. The
    major of our company are Welded Fence, Aluminum Formwork and Woven
    Mesh. Such as Wire Fence, Temporary Fence, Double Wire Fence, Anti-climb
    358 Mesh, Crowd Control Barrier, Raz

  • Aug
    The practical product-Gate Fence

    Do you know what the gate fence is? may be you can describe the definition of the gate fence clearly, but you must had saw the gate fence. Anping County Shengxin Metal Products Co.,Ltd,
    located in Anping County, Hebei Province. In the south of Beijing. The
    major of our company are Welded Fence, Al

  • Aug
    Introduction the applications of double circle garden fence

    Double circle garden is cold-drawn low
    carbon steel wire welded mesh cylinder rolled edge and one side of the
    net, galvanized anti-corrosion treatment, is highly resistant to
    corrosion, and then spray, dip; finally connect accessories steel pipe
    with a fixed backbone. After several years of vari

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