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ANping shengxin metal company’s product- Arch Panel
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ANping shengxin metal company’s product- Arch Panel

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Anping County Shengxin Metal Products Co., Ltd,  located in Anping County, Hebei Province. At the south of Beijing. The major of our company are Welded Fence, Aluminum Formwork and Woven Mesh. Such as Wire Fence, Temporary Fence, Double Wire Fence, Anti-climb 358 Mesh, Crowd Control Barrier, Razor Wire, Hexagonal Wire Netting/Gabion, Chain Link Fence, Palisade Fence and Tube Fence. In this passage, I will introduce the product of our company-arch panel. Arch Fence Panel belongs to a type of rigid but unobtrusive mesh fencing system. It is commonly applied as a perimeter fence in industry, sports ground, or commercial premises where a strong mesh fencing system is required. Basically speaking, the Arch Fence Panel is mainly composed of panel, post, and fastenings, etc. The panel adopts high-quality iron rod as its raw material. The welded panel after being galvanized can effectively resist corrosion as well as ultraviolet radiation.


The following is the specification about the arch panel:
wire diameter: 5 mm
mesh size: 50 x 200 mm
panel width: 2500 mm
panel height: from 900 mm to 1,500 mm
posts: 48 mm pipe topped with a round plug as a part of the set,
protection: zinc and powder coat
our offer includes full fitting of your fencing
apart from fencing, we produce foundation systems that go with the arch panel beautifully

last, the arch panel can be used as fencing, decoration or protection, and so on. So the arch panel has many practical functions. You can use the arch panel with your needs. We are hope that the arch panel can offer you the really help.

We are fully engaged and committed to the continuous development and improvement of our products  
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