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Light-weight Welded Wire Perimeter Fencing
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Light-weight Welded Wire Perimeter Fencing

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Single welded wire fence is a light-duty and cost-effective perimeter fencing for residential areas, schools or commercial sites where security and restriction is not urgently required. It features V-shaped profile adding rigidity and strength. Commonly speaking, 2 to 4 V-shaped folds are designed along the full height of the fence panel.

The welded wire perimeter fence manufactured 5 mm vertical and horizontal wire with 200 mm × 50 mm aperture is visually appealing with large open mesh and non-threatening design. Black or green powder coated welded wire fence blends well with the environment. It has been another popular perimeter demarcation fencing instead of chain link fence.

Straight razor wire, similar to the barbed wire, is used in straight lines at the top of the wire mesh fences or walls to prevent intruders and thieves from entering the places.

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