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Arch panel
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Arch panel

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Arch panel made in Shengxin fence company is a kind of metal fence mesh. Different colors, types are supplied for you to select.
Here is
the features of arch panel.
1.Durable. The whole panel owns excellent impact resistant ability.
2.Corrosion resistant. Even if in the extreme weather, they can maintain original surface.
3.Convenient transportation. It has good compressive strength and can be folded together.
4.Easy installation. It is not necessarily be installed by technician.
5.Extensive use. It is widely use in industry, sports ground, commercial sites and so on.
Here is
some specification of arch panel.
wire diameter: 5 mm
mesh size: 50 x 200 mm
panel width: 2500 mm
panel height: from 900 mm to 1,500 mm
Such specification is completely in accordance with the international standard. Also, Our products are strictly follow ISO9001,SGS,CE and BV certificate.
In the end, please allow me to introduce the application of arch panel. The arched structure makes itself beautiful and durable. The sharp top prevent people from climbing and entering. So it is difficult for a thief to exit your house and steal private property. As a fence mesh, it can obviously prevent the rapid balls from injuring in the sport ground. What I have listed is not enough. If you want to know about more, you can visit websites and contact us.

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