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Aluminum template
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Aluminum template

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Residential construction, display Settings, and so on all need the aluminum template, because of its advantage is very obvious and other building materials than the first. Aluminum formwork construction period is short, aluminum alloy mould building template system for quick release system, a set of normal construction layer can be up to four or five days, to a large extent, save the cost of unit construction. And it can be used more frequently, recycled more than 200 times. Aluminum alloy construction template, dismantle concrete surface quality is bright and clean level off, can achieve veneer and concrete requirements, the need for batch swings, batch swings cost can be saved. 

Besides these, Anping Shengxin metal products co., LTD., can also according to the contract to build the project with different specifications plate assembly, and absolutely guarantee is the low carbon environmental protection material, anping sheng new metal products co., LTD. Production of aluminum template is renewable materials, in line with national and international for projects construction energy conservation, environmental protection, low carbon emissions regulations.

In addition to the advantages of the product itself, we also guarantee with the greatest enthusiasm for the domestic and foreign new and old customer service, make you satisfied but return.

We are fully engaged and committed to the continuous development and improvement of our products  
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