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Simple 2D fencing panels 656 i 868
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Simple 2D fencing panels 656 i 868

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Fencing panels that went through hot-dip galvanization and those that were galvanized and powder coated, type 2D unribbed made of a single vertical 5 mm wire and a double row of horizontal 6 mm wires. The bracing elements are the double wires which allow for a high durability and stiffness. Panels have eyelets of a cross section of 50×200 mm. The width of the panels is a standard and it is 2500 mm. The height varies from 600 mm to 2400 mm. Thanks to the narrow eyelets and vertical wires being longer than the outline of the horizontal wires our fencing panels are difficult to break through.
Panels are installed between two poles of a rectangular profile using special clips. We can differentiate between intermediate, corner and initial/final clips. Straight fencing panels of an increased durability are perfect for enclosing companies, airports, sports facilities, public buildings as well as military bases.
Our panels have a perfect anti-corrosive protection which they gain through galvanisation. Both the panels and the poles can be additionally powder coated. Covering the galvanized surface with powder coating not only gives them an aesthetic look, but also prevents oxidation. Our panels can be characterised by a high quality, high durability and a good quality to price ratio. The fencing panels are a perfect way to enclose a company a private lot, residential areas, sport areas, parking lots, parks and playgrounds.
The system of panel fences includes grate panels width of 2500mm with a width of an aye 50/200mm, fencing poles with a profile of 40x60mm with assembly holders and plastic cups. The supplement of the offer include, a prefabricated foundation, sliding or double winged gates as well as wicket gates.

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