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Aluminium Formwork System
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Aluminium Formwork System

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Aluminium Alloy Formwork System

 As a new generation green formwork technology, aluminum alloy formwork will definitely lead the trend of development of formwork industry.The widely used wooden (bamboo) plywood formworks and steel formworks have defects of poor technical content, low construction efficiency, waste of man power and severe pollution; therefore they are far from meeting the requirements of green construction for saving energy and reducing emission advocated by the harmonious society. Formwork industry looks forward to formwork systems with high service efficiency and low comprehensive cost.

Four Systems of Aluminum Alloy Formwork System

1- Formwork System
The formwork system forms closed surface required by construction of concrete structures in order to ensure that the building structure is able to take shape during concrete pouring.
2- Supporting System
The supporting system plays a role as support in the course of construction of concrete structures for ensuring stable & steady supporting for floors, beam bottom and overhanging structures.
3- Fastening System
The fastening system aims to ensure the structural width of formed formwork and to avoid deformation, expansion and explosion of formworks during concrete pouring.
4- Accessory System
The accessory system is the connecting element of formworks for connecting single formwork to form a systematic integrity.

NO. Reference Aluminum Formwrk Wood Formwork
1 Material cost (Included Support) $183-216/m2 $13--16/m2
2 Turnarond times 200times at least 3-5times
3 assembling and dismantling labor cost $3.6-4.2/m2 $4.2-4.7/m2
4 recovery value $67/m2 $0.8/m2
5 subtotal arifical materials $4.4-4.9/m2 $7.5-8/m2
6 leveling the wall plastering labor cost $0.4/m2 $2/m2
7 leveling the wall plastering material cost $0.3/m2 $2.6/m2
8 ergonomics 20m2/day 15m2/day
9 final ecomic indicators $5.9-6.4/m2 $12-13/m2
Aluminium-Formwork-System4  Aluminium-Formwork-System3

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